The charity work of Hearts and Minds

When it comes to hands-on charity work, Hearts and Minds are at the center of the stage. Hearts and Minds are a charity that is raising funds to help assist families, particularly those who have autism. Where this charity excels the most is recycling broken phones in exchange for gifts.…

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Why Charity Is Important

There are many reasons as to why charity is important, we would like to introduce to you some of these reasoning’s as well as what exactly you can do to help your selected charities. But before we get into that, we're going to discuss personal and charitable reasons as to…

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OIC International Philadelphia

For the last 45 years, OIC International Philadelphia has been the leader of the effort to fully develop Afric's workspace to combat their large unemployment status. Approximately African youth between the age of 15-24 comprise 60% of those who are unemployed, which plays a major part in holding back the…

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Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development

The Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development are an internationally-based group of people who have devoted their careers to global agricultural developments and hunger alleviation. A mixture of professionals from universities, non-government organizations, private sector firms, consulting companies, government and donor agencies and foundations make up the Organization that…

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OIC Training Academy To Close Spring 2018

Due to close its doors in the spring of 2018, the OIC Training Academy has been an affiliate of OIC of America for the last 42 years. Originally founded in Charleston, West Virginia by native Leon Sullivan. At the height of the Civil rights movement, Rev. Sullivan founded OIC of…

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International Agricultural Development Graduate Program

The International Agricultural Development Graduate Program (INTAD) dual-title degree offers students with a new way of getting international perspectives and expertise to help strengthen their primary graduate degree. Upon graduation, students that are a part of the program will increase their chances of gaining careers opportunities working with international organizations,…

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History of The OIC Meaning

The Most Common OIC Meaning OIC meaning varies and has developed multiple meaning throughout history due to the advancements in culture and technology. Way back before electronic devices, it was used as an insult; meaning an unpleasant, ignorant or a useless person. Although, this insult is now referred to as…

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OIC of America – Helping People Help Themselves

OIC of America is the 'tree' in which all the other 'branches' originate from. From the OIC training to the affiliate in the 3rd world countries such as Ghana and Zimbabwe, they all start off as a dream at the OIC of America (also know as the OIC International Philadelphia) headquarters.…

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OIC International Ghana Are Expanding

The OIC International Ghana representative, Leon Sakho, is looking to expand on his team so that the OICG can quickly and effectively achieve their goal of giving the uneducated in this undeveloped country a chance at a better life. As seen on our page on BusinessGhana; Company Description: OIC International…

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