History of The OIC Meaning

History of The OIC Meaning

The Most Common OIC Meaning

OIC meaning varies and has developed multiple meaning throughout history due to the advancements in culture and technology.

Way back before electronic devices, it was used as an insult; meaning an unpleasant, ignorant or a useless person.

Although, this insult is now referred to as oik in the modern day time rather than “Oic”.

This OIC meaning has been taken from UrbanDictionary, there are plenty more exaples of this abbreviation as follows:

Todays OIC meaning, due to the introduction of smartphones and tablets, is used in chatrooms and text conversations when a X finally understand Y’s point;

Used for when you have just understood and comprehended something. Can only be written or typed.

Dave: “Sorry man, I just ran over your dog”

Claude: “O I C”

– Oh, I see.

Taken from the online version of the Cambridge dictionary, this OIC meaning is of the most common way to be used.

There are many more meaning of the word “OIC” and it is commonly used as word shorteners within different industries
For example, OIC could mean;
  • Oil Importing Company
  • Overissue Crew
  • Oslo International Church
  • Order in Council

There are plenty more ways this word is used to shorten phrases within industries, here is a complete list on the OIC meaning

Since the advancements in technology allowing us to communicate through e-mail and SMS, there is plenty more word shortens than just the OIC meaning that we can discuss; however, we will be here all day talking about them.

If you’re interested in the other abbreviated words that are used in everyday online interactions, here is a link to that for those curious -“OIC meaning and other online slang words

Noteable Organizations Using OIC

The “Helping People Help Themselves” organisation, OIC of America and OIC International Ghana use “OIC” to shorten part of their organisation name – abbreviated from “Opportunities Industrialization Center”

Similar to OIC of America and OIC International Ghana, OIC Training Academy which is an affiliate to both of these organisations abbreviates the word to just OIC which again is shortened from “Opportunities Industrialization Center”

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