Why Charity Is Important

Why Charity Is Important

There are many reasons as to why charity is important, we would like to introduce to you some of these reasoning’s as well as what exactly you can do to help your selected charities. But before we get into that, we’re going to discuss personal and charitable reasons as to why giving is important in our lives.

  • Money Can’t Buy You Happiness: It’s a statement we hear all the time, but research has shown that it CAN in fact buy us happiness, but only if we spend it on others. This same research has come up with results that scientifically support the fact that giving to those in need or to anyone for that matter, buts a greater small on our faces that it would if we were to spend the money on ourselves.
  • Strengthens Personal Growth: People who give to charity feel like they have a moral duty to use what they have to find ways of how to help others without money, which is very much rooted in their personal values and general life principles. Having the power to improve the lives of others to many people is a privilege to have, acting on this helps us to reinforce these values and gives us the feeling that we are living to our true ethical beliefs.
  • Charity is More Impactful Than Ever: There are certain organisation, such as Gift Aid for UK taxpayers, that ensure that any and every donation does not lose its value through tax, the organisation ensures that the full sum get to the charity it is meant to by adding 25% on top of the donation, ensuring that money is not lost through the typical taxation charge.

What to Give to Charity

Charities typically take donations of money but sometimes they require specific items, whether that’s clothes and socks or hats and gloves or even they require items for the tombola as part of a fundraising event. If you’re looking for ways to donate to charity for free, the How To Declutter Your Home post by WhatStorage offers ways of efficiently tidying up your home and this is a great way to find some hidden gems that could be worth selling so you are able to give the funds to charity or even donating the items themselves to raffle for a charitable event.

As there are many, many different people in need that require one thing or another, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly you should be giving to charity, so this all depends on the charity you are looking to support. Charities have different goals and objectives in mind; this reflects on the type of donations they are looking for, just like OIC of America – Helping People Help Themselves who are always looking for volunteers to help out with training classes. Other great examples are such charities as Water Aid prefer money donations so they are able to supply villages in the 3rd world with a source of water, and Children’s Cancer Foundation are always looking for people with long locks to donate their precious hair to, to those children in need.

The best way to give to charity depends on the charity of your choice and what they are in need of. To find out this information you’re best contacting a Representative of the organisation or just by checking their website on Google, no doubt they will have shipping address and what they accept as well as what they are in need of on there.

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