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International Agricultural Development Graduate Program

The International Agricultural Development Graduate Program (INTAD) dual-title degree offers students with a new way of getting international perspectives and expertise to help strengthen their primary graduate degree.

Upon graduation, students that are a part of the program will increase their chances of gaining careers opportunities working with international organizations, universities, research institutes and corporations.

Students that are enrolled in the graduate programs within the College of Agricultural Sciences can apply to enrol for the dual-title. They will learn and develop skills and understands through extra course work and a broad range of courses. Doing this would mean that participates will have regular opportunities to interact and work with peers who are in the relevant fields.

Where To Enrol

The UC Davis masters program in International Agricultural Development (IAD) prepares students for careers in global agricultural and rural development. Providing skills and knowledge that enable them to implement, facilitate and manage programs that enhance agricultural development and rural life. Students are equipment in the hope that they can contribute and make a real difference in the world.

So, if you’re looking to enrol on this programme so you can develop your skills and understandings of the history and philosophy development; leadership and management techniques along with the fundamentals of crop and livestock farming systems; agricultural economics; and the interaction of agriculture and the social sciences, the consider enrolling on the brilliant International Agricultural Development Graduate Program through UC Davis

If you want to learn more about the programe from people have participated, what their time table looked like and what sort of job they are in now, then have a useful look at the reddit post focusing on the topic of the International Agricultural Development Graduate Program.

If you’re unsure about the Master at UC Davis and perhaps you want to enrol in a different universality, then there’s also a helpful blogpost article about the different types of universities that allow you to take this or a similar course depending on how heavily focused you wish to be a topic area.#

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An Alternative International Agricultural Development Graduate Program

Oregon State University offer an alternative to the standard graduate programe in the form of a minor, so that it can be taken amongst other things, offering you an insight into the program which will allow you to take an advancement course in terms of a major the following year or in the future if you decide it is something you want to dedicate more time to.

Similarly pursued with the emphasis in leadership, communication, pedagogy, extension and technical agriculture, just like the other programs.

Working with an advisor to tailor a program fit for the needs of the individual.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then the International Agricultural Development Graduate Program (Minor) at Oregon should be your first choice.