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OIC Training Academy To Close Spring 2018

Due to close its doors in the spring of 2018, the OIC Training Academy has been an affiliate of OIC of America for the last 42 years. Originally founded in Charleston, West Virginia by native Leon Sullivan.

At the height of the Civil rights movement, Rev. Sullivan founded OIC of America to help people help themselves and people around them through career training.

Over the last 35 years. OIC training Academy has played a very important role in the world of carer and workforce development, providing citizens of the Marion County and West Virginia plenty of opportunities to help build themselves a skill set which will last them a life time.

Giving them the confidence needed to achieve success in a variety of occupational fields.

From the very beginning of the OIC has focused on pinpointing career opportunities within the community, partnering with employers, and aligning its curriculum to provide its local citizens with real world opportunity for individual growth and creating a long-term career expansion that could last for generations. Whether it’s through industrial trades, administrative support training program or of the health and sciences, OIC has always been on the forefront when it comes to combating the lack of workplace development in the community. More importantly OIC has lead a well thought of mission to ‘help people help themselves’ which provides people with opportunity to overcome obstacles and to prosper through their own hard work and self-belief needed to succeed in career endeavours.

This is why it’s such a disappointment that this training facility has come to an end after so many successful years, strip the local youth of their unemployment status.

OIC Training Academy Message Still Lives On

Despite our closure, there are still places you can follow us where we offer opportunities for those who need it as well as other affiliates that will carry on our mission objective.

Where Else You Can Find Us

With the removal of the Facebook page of the OIC Training Academy , we have setup our very own “OIC Training Academy” LinkedIn account allowing people to find out the information they need along with opportunities which we can provide for likeminded individuals.

Although our academy has been closed, our offices are still open to members of the public that seek advice on their careers and local opportunities that will help better their skill in their desired career. If you’re someone who needs help with any of these things or perhaps you wish to e-mail us, please head-on over to our official “OIC Training Academy” Yellow Pages page where you can find all the details you will need to locate us and pop-in for a chat face to face.

Additionally, you can head to our Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC Training Academy) classbase page to find even more details about us.

Carrying On Our Message

OIC One Education and Training carry out our message of ‘Help People Help Themselves’ through their comprehensive services through the use of creative and non-traditional instruction with the combination of practical work and success principles for all of their students.

Their purposes, similar to ours is that they wish to seek out young individuals that wish to prepare themselves so that they can improve their quality of life by taking the opportunites offered to them and using them to gain skills and knowledge within the careers they are seeking.