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For the last 45 years, OIC International Philadelphia has been the leader of the effort to fully develop Afric’s workspace to combat their large unemployment status. Approximately African youth between the age of 15-24 comprise 60% of those who are unemployed, which plays a major part in holding back the regions continues economic growth.

OICI have and will continue to help those in need through quality and market-driven workforce development training and appropriate job placement that benefits both the employee and the employer, ensuring a long lasting relationship between the too.

Our Mission is to reduce or better yet eliminate poverty by developing a trained and employable workforce with skills to work in many core sectors such as agriculture, customer service, retail, health and vocational training.

A Little More About OIC International Philadelphia

Opportunities Industrialization Center International (OICI) headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has the core goal of helping others help themselves through appropriate training of those who need it the most so that they can improve their environment and the collective economy which they are a part of. Currently seeking US Farmers, extensions agents, businessmen, researchers and other essential specialists to serve in our exciting new project: FarmServe Africa (FSA) Programme.

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Sending volunteers to Africa so that they can teach African farmers how they too can be productive and profitable, allowing them to sustain an income for themselves and those around them.

We are seeking open minded people who are eager to help those who are less educated to help better their lives, using your adaptable skills to identify and meet the farmers, cooperatives, organization and our field staff needs.

Once in a lifetime experience that you’re never going to forget.

For more information about us and how you could help those help themselves – please visit the OIC International Philadelphia business page

OICI Needs You

Alongside our volunteers, we have openings for paid jobs & internships to manage the business side of things. Openings for our headquarters, OIC International Philadelphia as well as our field offices in Africa. We also Engage consultants for short-term assignments both domestically and overseas.

If you think you might have what it takes, then please go read our full post “OIC International Jobs” about the job roles that are available and the skills that you will need to be a valuable member of the team.

A bit of insight into more of what we do so you know we are the right organization for you;

OIC International training centers transform hopelessness into hope by teaching job skills, and by providing training in human resource development and small business development. To date, OIC International’s network of partner institutions extends to 47 training centers in 19 countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. Worldwide, there have been over 100,000 OIC graduates, half of whom are women, who have received education, job training, human resource training, and small enterprise skills development

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