OIC International Philadelphia

For the last 45 years, OIC International Philadelphia has been the leader of the effort to fully develop Afric's workspace to combat their large unemployment status. Approximately African youth between the age of 15-24 comprise 60% of those who are unemployed, which plays a major part in holding back the…

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OIC International Ghana Are Expanding

The OIC International Ghana representative, Leon Sakho, is looking to expand on his team so that the OICG can quickly and effectively achieve their goal of giving the uneducated in this undeveloped country a chance at a better life. As seen on our page on BusinessGhana; Company Description: OIC International…

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Opportunities Industrialization Center

Opportunities Industrialization Center which is usually shortened to "OIC" (not to get mixed up with the otherĀ  popular OIC meaning, "Oh, I see") is a nonprofit adult education and job training organisation headquareted in Phildaelpha. Although, the organisation does business as OIC America and OIC International. But is sometimes referred…

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