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Opportunities Industrialization Center

Opportunities Industrialization Center which is usually shortened to “OIC” (not to get mixed up with the other¬† popular OIC meaning, “Oh, I see”) is a nonprofit adult education and job training organisation headquareted in Phildaelpha.

Although, the organisation does business as OIC America and OIC International.

But is sometimes referred to as OIC International Philadelphia or OIC International Ghana when they are doing notable charity work in their respective branch areas.

OIC operates over 30 affiliated centers, 22 in the US and 20 international centers in Africa, Haiti and Poland that provide GED (General Education Development) studies and workplace development courses to help those at a disadvantage, whether that’s economically or as they are a part of minority communities, to help resume their education or expand on their knowledge and skills to hopefully help them find full-time employment.

Opportunities Industrialization Center Branches

Since the development of the main headquarters in Philadelphia, there are many state specific branches that have also been developed to help better focus on groups of people specific to the community that they are in; as follows are some of the notable Opportunities Industrialization Centers that exist.

Oklahoma City

Since opening of the Opportunities Industrialization Center in Oklahoma 1969, they have provided many years of services through education and training near the Capitol, thanks to generous donations from members of the community.

The Opportunities Industrialization Center services in Oklahoma including GED preparations, basic literacy skills, computer training and other education programs are best suited for those who need them the most in the community.

For Individuals aged 16 or older within Oklahoma, Cleveland, Logan and Canadian counties.

Washington, DC

Organised by taking inspiration on the principles and experience of the national OIC movement founded by the Martin Luther King’s right hand man, Reverend Leon H. Sullivan in Philadelphia, PA in 1964.

OIC/DC is a secondary education institution for non-degree students from all backgrounds who seek to be a part of a non-profit organization that will offer them a range of programs and guidance which short-term will help them get back/into work for so that they can provide for themselves and their families. Providing literacy, occupational skills training, job readiness and real world placement for those who are seeking to better themselves and those around them, helping them help themselves get past the barriers to employment.

More importantly this organisation will also help to decrease poverty in the respective area which will grow the local economy, benefiting all of those in and outside of Washington, DC Opportunities Industrialization Center.

OIC of New London County

Providing participants with local and national certifications to assist them in obtaining their short and long term career goals. Some of the courses which Opportunities Industrialization Center of New London County host are;

  • Adult Basic Education/ ESL Tutoring
  • Introduction Computers
  • Employability skills
  • Customer Service Certificate

Along with Community Support Programs;

  • Project employment re-entry services
  • Department of Rehabilitation
  • Services Referral

This particular OIC like many in this list follow the same principles as that of Reverend Leon H. Sullivan envisioned many years ago in 1964.

Arizona OIC

Offering a similar education programe to the previous branches, the Arizona Opportunities Industrialization Center offer a few other programs to further help those at a disadvantage.

The 4 Programs are as follows; Education, Youth, Career Services, Veteran Housing.


Arizona OIC provides a wide range of quality academic and work readiness educations programs for high school drop-outs, recent immigrants, and senior citizens, among many other minorities.

Many classes are free of charge or can be covered by the WIA or the GL Bill, this is so their classes are widely available to all who need the program, meaning they will not be up against another barrier that could hold them back from achieving their long dreamt career goals.


Serving eligible youth between the ages of 14 and 21, they have implemented programs which are effectively organized to serve disadvantaged youth by providing them with exposure to career fields that offer opportunities for advancement.

Resided in the City of Phoenix for over 15 years, the youth program has helped over 9,000 eligible participants in finding work and putting their life back on track.

Career Services

Similarly corresponding with the main objective of all branches, Arizona OIC assists clients with identifying, obtaining and maintaining employment in their chosen field. With qualified employment specialists assisting clients with specific job workshops including resume preparation, interviewing skills and problem solving workshop.


Over the years the direction of the OIC has changed rapidly, due to times changing and relative costs of business.

After giving examples of what these specific organizations are doing under the OIC brand, it is helpful to know what the OIC was like in the past; below is an article you can follow to find out.

From the Philadelphia Encyclopedia –¬† “Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC)”