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OIC of America – Helping People Help Themselves

OIC of America is the ‘tree’ in which all the other ‘branches’ originate from. From the OIC training to the affiliate in the 3rd world countries such as Ghana and Zimbabwe, they all start off as a dream at the OIC of America¬†(also know as the OIC International Philadelphia) headquarters.

OIC America envisions a world in which all members of the community call contribute to their own families and the communities in which they are within.

Objectives of OIC of America

Opportunities Industrialization Center provides quality education and training services through a national network of affiliates, helping to provide these programs to their local communities which in long run benefits everyone.

They offer high quality development programs, allowing their users to learn new skills that enable those economically at a disadvantage and unemployed of all races and background to become productive, a contributor to their family and more fulfilled members of society.

How OIC America Can Help You

OIC America offer plenty of ways to help you, whether that’s through their OIC Training Academy or offering you work placements with the OIC International Jobs branch.

If you’ve already got the skills and you’re actively looking for work, then head on over to our official OIC of America Linkedin page where you can get all the details on how you can become a part of the OIC family -even if you have a question about what we can offer you, just don’t hesitate to get in touch!

For a more direct approach where you can find daily jobs that may suit your needs, we have setup a handy Indeed search so you can get instant access to all kinds of job roles we are looking to fill at OIC of America.

If you’re in need of some inspiration and want to see what’s going on in our little OIC community, then you should go check out our OIC of America official Facebook page to be the first to be updated with how we are changing the world day by day.

What People Think Of Us

Over the many years of interacting with the community as well as expanding our workforce, with staff coming, going and all the while growing, we have got plenty of reviews for you to read.

Sometimes it’s nice to get an outsider opinion, a non biased view of the organisation before you make your own mind up.

Head on over to your OIC of America glass door page to see what everyone outside of the walls of the OIC think of us.